About me

Student of Life. Designer. Florida Native.

I’m just a simple gal who



My name is Faren Skelton and I am a multidisciplinary designer currently based in St. Petersburg, FL. My work is focused mainly on the visual design of interactive websites and applications, but I also have experience with brand development, illustration, print, and package design.

After graduating with a BA in Graphic Design, I spent a few years honing my skills at smaller firms. Those positions led to my job as a creative designer at a retail media agency where I developed invaluable personal and professional growth. I gained experience in art direction, creative leadership, content strategy, and collaborated with a global team of incredibly talented artists.

With over 10 years of experience in advertising and design, I've had the opportunity to create impactful campaigns for a multitude of companies such as eBay, Walmart, and more.

Above all, my inspiration comes from the people around me; when I’m with my friends, my family, other designers, having fun and feeding off of them, that’s when I work best.

When I'm not at my computer you can find me handcrafting pottery, drawing, cross-stitching, or designing plush toys. Whatever it is I'm doing, I strive to do it with purpose, compassion, and integrity.



eBay • Walmart • StubHub • Bed Bath & Beyond •
buybuy Baby • Nestlé • Mars • Hershey • P&G • Clorox • Kraft Heinz • PepsiCo • General Mills • Smuckers • Dole • Del Monte • Kelloggs • Panasonic • Microsoft • & more